Making Shapes


I have spent the past 3 weeks composing these next images. They all evolve some way around my mind map and the connections found within it. The images that I found either similar in subject matter, medium, etc., I tried to place accordingly so the images would flow.

identity pattern in fashion

pattern, ironic lack of identity, shapes – sharpie

1990's fashion girls

90’s fashion, repetition, ironic lack of identity – graphite

backstage at a show, fashion patterns

fashion, vogue lifestyle, nyc life – sharpie

romantic portraiture

my sister, stripes, fashion – sharpie

Chateau Marmont

Sofia Coppola, Vogue Lifestyle, aesthetic – chalk pastel


repetition, Graphic Design, consumerism – sharpie

Model shapes

abstraction, repetition, fashion – chalk pastel


shapes, abstraction, pattern – sharpie

lipstick form on wood

shapes, legacy, Möbius strip – lipstick, sharpie, colored pencil on wood

sharpie marie

history, superficiality, Sofia Coppola – sharpie

sharpie lizzy

my sister, aesthetic, insight – sharpie

lipstick portrait
aesthetic, learning, catalyst – lipstick
amorphous warhol
Warhol, ironic lack of identity, superficiality, sarcasm – collage
fashion, legacy, monotony – chalk pastel
propaganda lizzy
history, my sister, minimalist – sharpie
cake on a platter
Creepy, shapes, history – chalk pastel
lip print
strange, grunge, wit – lipstick, sharpie
puke bag
sarcasm, flying in planes, discomfort – sharpie on airplane waste bag
at a show

pattern, glamour, superficiality – sharpie

mass transit, people, marc jacobs – sharpie on MJ catalog
NYC is the new HELL
my dad, nyc lifestyle, sarcasm – chalk pastel
sexual, 90’s fashion, shapes – chalk pastel
Sofia Coppola, sexual, stripes – chalk pastel
MJ panties
marc jacobs, sexual, strange – sharpie on Marc Jacobs catalog
MJ panties 2
sexual, nyc lifestyle, identity – sharpie on Marc Jacobs catalog

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