Model Citizen


My newest painting, spawned from a goal to indulge myself, is of a fashion icon who embodies the very idea of indulgence. Kate Moss, a model known for her habits of smoking and drugs and who exudes sex appeal always, seemed to be an interesting topic to add fortification to my current collection. My theme has been about identity in suburbia, often depicted through mass produced fashion. Kate Moss herself seems to be the antithesis of this idea while at the same time, because of her near icon-worship worthy status among girls of the suburbs, upholds the idea of second-hand identity. Girls want to be her though she is clearly a less than ideal role model. This work was meant to comment on the absurdity of identity-envy and also the impossibility of ever fully attaining and claiming it.

Also while in New York I came across a construction zone with destructed Kate posters posted all over it. The repetition and setting was too interesting not to photograph.




One thought on “Model Citizen

  1. Emily, thank you for sharing your blogspot with me. I think your work is wonderful. Can’t wait to see what you post next!

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