Mixtape: Visual Guide to Listening

Graphic Design, Imagery

I aimed to create a sensory experience by combining music with a booklet of curated images. I selected an image (often an art piece) that I felt matched the mood of each song . I then added facts about the image and/or the respective song to the coordinating page so that the sensory experience could even become an informative one.

I named the project “Evocative. Movement.”. “Evocative” since both the paired song and image are meant to evoke a common mood. And “Movement” because many of the songs explicitly describe movement in the lyrics.

This is definitely the most elaborate mixtape cover booklet I’ve ever attempted to make.



The Booklet insert: map to reading the booklet.



Booklet cover












One Bookshelf. Two Portraits.

Graphic Design, Illustration, Imagery

I love to read and I love to design. I combined these interests and attempted to make an interesting portrait of the last 5 books I’ve read. Two versions emerged from this exploration. The more illustrative version came naturally and the diagram came from further simplifying and refining.



5 Paintings of Repetition through Consumerism

Imagery, Uncategorized

The following are recent oil paintings I did in order to move from the pure fashion drawings from my previous collection of 20 into more of a narrative about repetition in daily life. Here is the pattern on a scarf, the fashionable hairdo shared by many, the singularity of being recognized on a crowded sidewalk, the shapes people make in crowds (here awaiting a fashion show), and the monotony but also sentimentality of a suburb.



Frank Chimero:

Dream setup care of 101 Dalmatians’ Roger—brownstone in the city, pretty lady, upstairs studio to tinker, lots of dogs.

The life.

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Oh the pleasures of a good work space.

Also, it would be a complete abomination not to include this concept artwork I found. It’s beautiful at full view.

Also this website features a phenomenal breakdown of the films colors and lighting with special attention shown to Cruella. I didn’t realize what a fine art animation could be.

Cheerio, darling.