Illustrated Outfits from Collaged Kanye Lyrics

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Equipped with markers and rap lyrics, I built 2 Kanye approved outfits for my StyleCaster Collaboration. Fashion diagrams are kind of my favorite thing. Read the full article here.

Kanye West Fashion Illustration Kanye West Fashion Illustration



Fine Art

Here are the “basement” collection of prints I forgot about from this semester.

The fact that textile patterns are transcribed onto rigid copper plates is a comment on the confined expectations of consumer behavior. Something “beautiful” like these patterns may have once been become almost sad within their new home on a copper plate. The second pairing of images were made on linoblocks. The material I carved on, in itself, is synthetic and not very valuable. The I ❤ NY symbol and the repetitive shirt folding instructions are familiar to suburbanites and again grossly repetitive. Paired next to the “pretty” and intricate fabric patterns, I hope that the entirety of the collection reflects a confined and rigid attitude towards suburban fashion culture about suburban fashion culture.



Model Citizen


My newest painting, spawned from a goal to indulge myself, is of a fashion icon who embodies the very idea of indulgence. Kate Moss, a model known for her habits of smoking and drugs and who exudes sex appeal always, seemed to be an interesting topic to add fortification to my current collection. My theme has been about identity in suburbia, often depicted through mass produced fashion. Kate Moss herself seems to be the antithesis of this idea while at the same time, because of her near icon-worship worthy status among girls of the suburbs, upholds the idea of second-hand identity. Girls want to be her though she is clearly a less than ideal role model. This work was meant to comment on the absurdity of identity-envy and also the impossibility of ever fully attaining and claiming it.

Also while in New York I came across a construction zone with destructed Kate posters posted all over it. The repetition and setting was too interesting not to photograph.





Artist Statement

I’m interested in exploring the idea of consumerism and its affect on mass identity through looking at suburbia and fashion. Not only does the public choose an outward (public) mass produced identity through fashion, but even within homes, the most private of places, mass produced goods are still prevalent. The strangeness of a prescribed identity, often adopted by the public, is a contradiction to the very idea of identity as a personal and unique entity. Trends and repetitive behavior of the masses within the home and fashion choices are absurdities to me and I want to help expose them through my body of artwork.

suburbscab hailing

5 Paintings of Repetition through Consumerism

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The following are recent oil paintings I did in order to move from the pure fashion drawings from my previous collection of 20 into more of a narrative about repetition in daily life. Here is the pattern on a scarf, the fashionable hairdo shared by many, the singularity of being recognized on a crowded sidewalk, the shapes people make in crowds (here awaiting a fashion show), and the monotony but also sentimentality of a suburb.

Making Shapes


I have spent the past 3 weeks composing these next images. They all evolve some way around my mind map and the connections found within it. The images that I found either similar in subject matter, medium, etc., I tried to place accordingly so the images would flow.

identity pattern in fashion

pattern, ironic lack of identity, shapes – sharpie

1990's fashion girls

90’s fashion, repetition, ironic lack of identity – graphite

backstage at a show, fashion patterns

fashion, vogue lifestyle, nyc life – sharpie

romantic portraiture

my sister, stripes, fashion – sharpie

Chateau Marmont

Sofia Coppola, Vogue Lifestyle, aesthetic – chalk pastel


repetition, Graphic Design, consumerism – sharpie

Model shapes

abstraction, repetition, fashion – chalk pastel


shapes, abstraction, pattern – sharpie

lipstick form on wood

shapes, legacy, Möbius strip – lipstick, sharpie, colored pencil on wood

sharpie marie

history, superficiality, Sofia Coppola – sharpie

sharpie lizzy

my sister, aesthetic, insight – sharpie

lipstick portrait
aesthetic, learning, catalyst – lipstick
amorphous warhol
Warhol, ironic lack of identity, superficiality, sarcasm – collage
fashion, legacy, monotony – chalk pastel
propaganda lizzy
history, my sister, minimalist – sharpie
cake on a platter
Creepy, shapes, history – chalk pastel
lip print
strange, grunge, wit – lipstick, sharpie
puke bag
sarcasm, flying in planes, discomfort – sharpie on airplane waste bag
at a show

pattern, glamour, superficiality – sharpie

mass transit, people, marc jacobs – sharpie on MJ catalog
NYC is the new HELL
my dad, nyc lifestyle, sarcasm – chalk pastel
sexual, 90’s fashion, shapes – chalk pastel
Sofia Coppola, sexual, stripes – chalk pastel
MJ panties
marc jacobs, sexual, strange – sharpie on Marc Jacobs catalog
MJ panties 2
sexual, nyc lifestyle, identity – sharpie on Marc Jacobs catalog