Mixtape: Visual Guide to Listening

Graphic Design, Imagery

I aimed to create a sensory experience by combining music with a booklet of curated images. I selected an image (often an art piece) that I felt matched the mood of each song . I then added facts about the image and/or the respective song to the coordinating page so that the sensory experience could even become an informative one.

I named the project “Evocative. Movement.”. “Evocative” since both the paired song and image are meant to evoke a common mood. And “Movement” because many of the songs explicitly describe movement in the lyrics.

This is definitely the most elaborate mixtape cover booklet I’ve ever attempted to make.



The Booklet insert: map to reading the booklet.



Booklet cover













Land of the Free Refills

Graphic Design

Any event is an opportunity to design. For the Fourth of July, I decided to
make a custom design to celebrate. Intended for koozies, my re-written national anthem has a drinking twist.



Astrology Diagrams

Graphic Design, Illustration

I’m a huge fan of astrology and wanted to create some interesting diagrams to stretch my research and graphic design legs.

Each of the 12 astrological signs are grouped into 4 bigger groups called Elements (Fire, Earth, Water and Air). These Elements have common qualities. Here I broke the Elements into diagrams and showed the characteristics that are both shared and individual to the 12 astrology signs.

Overall, Water signs are emotional and intuitive, Earth signs are practical and hardworking, Air signs are intellectual and curious, and Fire signs are dynamic leaders.

You can read the entire article in collaboration with StyleCaster here
AstrologyElementsDiagrams AstrologyElementsDiagrams2 AstrologyElementsDiagrams3 AstrologyElementsDiagrams4

Making Shapes


I have spent the past 3 weeks composing these next images. They all evolve some way around my mind map and the connections found within it. The images that I found either similar in subject matter, medium, etc., I tried to place accordingly so the images would flow.

identity pattern in fashion

pattern, ironic lack of identity, shapes – sharpie

1990's fashion girls

90’s fashion, repetition, ironic lack of identity – graphite

backstage at a show, fashion patterns

fashion, vogue lifestyle, nyc life – sharpie

romantic portraiture

my sister, stripes, fashion – sharpie

Chateau Marmont

Sofia Coppola, Vogue Lifestyle, aesthetic – chalk pastel


repetition, Graphic Design, consumerism – sharpie

Model shapes

abstraction, repetition, fashion – chalk pastel


shapes, abstraction, pattern – sharpie

lipstick form on wood

shapes, legacy, Möbius strip – lipstick, sharpie, colored pencil on wood

sharpie marie

history, superficiality, Sofia Coppola – sharpie

sharpie lizzy

my sister, aesthetic, insight – sharpie

lipstick portrait
aesthetic, learning, catalyst – lipstick
amorphous warhol
Warhol, ironic lack of identity, superficiality, sarcasm – collage
fashion, legacy, monotony – chalk pastel
propaganda lizzy
history, my sister, minimalist – sharpie
cake on a platter
Creepy, shapes, history – chalk pastel
lip print
strange, grunge, wit – lipstick, sharpie
puke bag
sarcasm, flying in planes, discomfort – sharpie on airplane waste bag
at a show

pattern, glamour, superficiality – sharpie

mass transit, people, marc jacobs – sharpie on MJ catalog
NYC is the new HELL
my dad, nyc lifestyle, sarcasm – chalk pastel
sexual, 90’s fashion, shapes – chalk pastel
Sofia Coppola, sexual, stripes – chalk pastel
MJ panties
marc jacobs, sexual, strange – sharpie on Marc Jacobs catalog
MJ panties 2
sexual, nyc lifestyle, identity – sharpie on Marc Jacobs catalog