One Bookshelf. Two Portraits.

Graphic Design, Illustration, Imagery

I love to read and I love to design. I combined these interests and attempted to make an interesting portrait of the last 5 books I’ve read. Two versions emerged from this exploration. The more illustrative version came naturally and the diagram came from further simplifying and refining.




Eye Spy


I illustrated some of my favorite sunglasses of the season using my new markers.
Here the drawing is printed as a postcard and used as a
promotional piece for StyleCaster at a Soho House event.



Soho House for Stylecaster SC Creators Party May 20, 2015 Photos By Tiffany Hagler-Geard

Soho House for Stylecaster SC Creators Party May 20, 2015 Photos By Tiffany Hagler-Geard

5 Types of New York Women illustrated as Mindmaps

Fashion, Illustration
As a collaboration with StyleCaster Creators, I created 5 mindmaps that illustrated types of New York Women. The link to the article is here
This project was born from the desire to combine my interests in illustrating, fashion, collecting, mapping, and the city.
Mind mapping is a tool I use to brainstorm, clarify ideas and deconstruct concepts. I was introduced to the process in a Fine Arts portfolio class and love using the method.
This map series is based on 5 types of girls you see in New York City. I started my maps by building a database of words associated with each type, basing these descriptors on interpretations and observations from my life and pop culture. This was time consuming – it was almost like writing a novel; I had to imagine all aspects of the character; Where does she Brunch? What kind of guy does she like?. I ended up with over 50 descriptors for each girl. After organizing the collection of words, I built the webs on huge poster sheets and illustrated the objects that I felt best represented the girl. I thought couches and shoes seemed to especially personify the girls. You see a Manolo BB Pump and you think “uptown” or “socialite”. You see a grandma couch and you think “hipster”. That’s what I was trying to evoke with the images- getting to the essence of the girl.
Basic_mindmap Blogger_mindmap Feminist_mindmap Hipster_mindmap Socialite_mindmap

Pop Culture Poker Pieces

Graphic Design, Illustration

A recent project I worked on endlessly as Holiday gifts for my friends. This specialty deck of cards includes my first ever digital illustrations of my friends as Queens and Jacks, pop-culture laden Aces, Jokers and Kings, and King’s Cup drinking game instructions on the rest of the deck. I designed a crest of symbols for the card-backs. Included in the deck was a guide to decoding the crest and instructions on how to play a favorite drinking game. The reverse of the sheet features hypothetical monologues I wrote for each of us.






Birkenstocks and Christmas Socks


Happy #trendy Christmas. I made 2 new designs for Makr’s “Tacky Holiday” collection.

You can buy my design for Birkenstocks and Christmas socks here and Merry (Kate n Ashley) Christmas here now through Dec 17