Cheeky Doormat Things


I love making things! Doormats are the current obsession.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get my hands on the Yeezy Boosts. Instead I created a pattern based on the sneaker’s fabric, incorporated “Bye Felicia” into the pattern, and printed it on a doormat. I was pleased when I saw the printed finished product because the rug actually looks woven. I’m selling them on my new Etsy site! Etsy listing here




5 Paintings of Repetition through Consumerism

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The following are recent oil paintings I did in order to move from the pure fashion drawings from my previous collection of 20 into more of a narrative about repetition in daily life. Here is the pattern on a scarf, the fashionable hairdo shared by many, the singularity of being recognized on a crowded sidewalk, the shapes people make in crowds (here awaiting a fashion show), and the monotony but also sentimentality of a suburb.